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Future Ghost

Welcome to the start of this secret trail - secret ghosts!


This trail begins at Bideford library, walk out the main door, turn right and walk along the pavement. At your first opportunity turn right between the buildings. You first chapter is here.
Chapter one

The beginning

This is where our trail begins, and these are the words we need to discard and re-write.

Obviously the wrong image though, so we'll need to change it.
Walk up the path.
Chapter two


this is a confession. I identify as Ronald Mc.donald. Anyway these are the depressing rain clouds of Bideford. Hope you like them <3
Walk up to the corner of the church yard.
Chapter three

Next Chapter

The Mystery Machine is something that has, and will live for generations.
Walk further along with the church to your right.
Chapter four

The Magic Kiln

I have been a huge influence on tradition. I have been used by many, old and young. Can you count the openings and doors on me? I am also rather tall. Can you guess my height? I stand in Victoria Park.
Walk up the steps.
Chapter five

The Escape

If you could describe Bideford as an animal, which would you choose and why?
One night in the church the vampires were about to wake up They went out and we're discussing how to get out of the magical gates. Someone had made the gates magical to stop the vampires getting out. They don't like vampires and wanted to keep people safe.
Continue up, cross the road and stop at the bush next to the pannier market.
Chapter six


The ice cream didn't melt. It looks quite interesting. If you ate an ice cream today was it delicious?
No need to write anything in here.
Re-lock Points
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